St. Nicholas Day!

Ya’ll. St. Nicholas came to our house last night. Get excited. I know Maggie was last night since she repeatedly got up from her bed to ask, “It’s good mornin’ time??” She was pretty stoked to see that he had visited in the wee hours.


St. Nicholas brought Mags some goodies, a giant orange being the biggest hit…



And Lil got a book and some baby prunes. I betcha didn’t know that St. Nick is concerned about regularity…he’s thoughtful, that one!


The biggest, most glorious gift St. Nicholas left was a Little People Nativity set. Guys, this thing is legit. There are shepherds and sheep and wise men and a camel…and an angel that stands on top of the stable, which has a star that glows and plays Away In a Manger!! Gaaah, I love this thing so much I can’t even get a hold of myself!



Now, there is certainly some creative play going on with our Nativity people. Currently Mary and Joseph are dancing to music from a Tangled music player and Joseph was seen driving around in a convertible earlier this morning saying, “Where’s my baby??” Just a minute ago, Mags was running upstairs to the bathroom and called out, “Be right back, Baby Jesus and toys!” I think she likes them.



The best part of all of this happened while I was fixing breakfast. I heard the girls playing in the other room and Mags said to her sister, “Look, Lily! It’s a baby! Just like you!”


Exactly what it’s all about.


Happy St. Nicholas Day!


8 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Day!

  1. Sheila Pankratz

    Just lovin’ these posts and all the details about little ones and their sense of wonder. You guys are doing things SOOOO right!!


  2. Valerie

    I have LOVED that nativity set ever since I saw it at a store who knows how long ago (a few years, maybe?) Anyway, maybe soon I’ll talk my hubby onto buying it now that we have another little one who’d play with it (doesn’t matter that it’d be ME gazing at it all day! :P)

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