Hi, friend. I’m Mary Susan, mama to four not-so-small-anymore babes, wife to a butcher/chef, native Texan/ former Ohio dweller who just relocated to Pennsylvania. I’m a Catholic convert, birth doula, homeschooler, book lover, and last-minute planner. I met my husband when we worked at Disney World in college and life is truly a very messy, inconvenient, magical fairy tale. You can learn more about my birth work by visiting Bright Birth Doula. Or hang around here for musings on life, love, faith, kids, and whatever else bubbles up out of my soul…lately it’s a lot of poetry. Who knew!

I believe in honesty and vulnerability. You’ll find both here…which means we might all laugh at the realities of life. We may all ugly cry, too. It’s a toss up.

I believe in prayer. I also believe that “Sweet Lord what have you done??!”  counts as a prayer in certain situations.

I believe in coffee.

I believe that someday I’ll make it out of the eternal Survival Mode I currently find myself in. That day is probably not today.


I’m glad you’re here. Really, really glad. And I hope your day is better for stopping by.


Mary Susan


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