“Their Doubt Isn’t Worth the Price of Your Brilliance” – Guest Post by Lorelei Taylor

Here’s our first guest post on loving yourself, by Lorelei Taylor. We were in a wedding together and instantly hit it off. I was completely taken by her bright eyes and joyful personality, and once I heard her story, I loved her even more. Visit her on Facebook for more information about her journey and for ways to connect with this amazing person! That’s all from me, here’s Lorelei… -MS



“Their Doubt Isn’t Worth the Price of Your Brilliance”


There was a time in my life when I was filled with fear. I was afraid of everything, from being good parent to having to having a clean enough house. Wrought with anxiety, I hid in my kitchen and my Little Debbie powdered doughnuts. My body weighed 250lbs, my mind was heavier.


Last year I jumped into an online challenge group, to support a friend. The first week, our coach, Andrea asked us: “What are you afraid of? The deep root cause of it?” I had a few surface answers, “I’m afraid to yo-yo diet”, “I don’t want to struggle like Mom did.” and so on. I sat there with my fingers hovering over the keyboard, digging for a truth in my heart. What poured out of my soul onto that keyboard changed my life. The root cause of it all was simple: I was afraid of people, and more specifically, their judgement.


I was holding myself back because I didn’t want to give others the satisfaction of seeing me fail. And this simple, prideful, fear had a major impact on my life and my health. Discovering this shook my world. Why was I giving them so much power over me? Why was their opinion more important than my own? Why was I pushing through hard workouts and restricting junk food for the people who care about me least? They controlled my parenting, my beige decorating theme in my house, my weight. Suddenly, I didn’t want to lose weight anymore. My goal switched to shedding fear and living for myself.


You see, fear of judgement is one of the most powerful, pointless fears we can have. It pulls our hearts away from purpose and towards mediocrity. When focused on this fear I didn’t shine, I was too afraid to.


Now I live with passion. I replaced our beige furniture with bold red, I dress in what makes me feel pretty, not what hides my flaws. I parent my children in a way that meets our standards and expectations, not my neighbors. And I share my flaws openly. I’ve lost some friends along the way. Friends that don’t understand my message, my purpose. And while this has broken my heart a few times, each time, without fail, they’re replaced with someone who wants to see me succeed. It’s a beautiful feeling to feel comfortable with the people around me. To be myself without fear.


You are not a number on a scale. You are not the clothes you wear, or the disease you’ve been diagnosed with. You are a brilliant combination of all your life experiences. Your heart pulls you in unique ways that are desperately needed on this earth. Don’t let others dull your spirit. Their doubt isn’t worth the price of your brilliance.




Lorelei Taylor is a military spouse, mom of two amazingly fantastic children, and fitness coach with the Beachbody company. Her goal is to help moms overcome the same struggles she has. With a weight-loss of 94lbs to date, she has an understanding of what the journey means. The destination may be losing weight and getting healthier, but the journey is one which teaches us confidence, self respect, and believing in ourselves. To connect with Lorelei you can find her on facebook at www.facebook.com/lorelei.taylor.


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