If you told me a week ago that we’d be wrapping up this killing spree today I never would’ve believed you. As of a few days ago, we were still finding victims left and right. There was no end in sight and the body count was rising.




Even the queen stood no chance...



But you know, I’ve seen this a lot with criminals. The cockier they get, the lazier they get, and our perp was no different. I had been getting a sneaking suspicion that this might be an inside job. Something about the investigation just didn’t add up and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was the lack of concern on the part of our officers or the lassez-faire attitude of the Chief of Police, but even I wasn’t prepared for the revelation that blew the top clean off of this case…


Wouldn’t you know…the Chief of Police caught in the act!!


And none too remorseful, either…


Appropriate measures are being taken to ensure that crimes of this diabolical nature never happen again. The Chief is now behind bars awaiting his 1:45 a.m. arraignment. He’s already been quite the cry-baby about the whole thing and, while part of me wants to believe he regrets his crimes, I know the truth. He’s just waiting, biding his time till he can get his slobbery mitts on another victim…


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